Artist from Lincoln, Nebraska

currently living and working on a farm in North Haven, Maine


My work is an investigation of personal interaction with the natural world: what we take from nature, what we give to it, how we attempt to tame it, its resiliency and steadiness and mystery. We learn to move with its changes and my work is an example of that process.

The content of my work is influenced by past and present surroundings. In recent pieces, representations of structures like bridges, dams, and fences edge into compositions. Calling attention through my work to things built to keep out, hold back, or contain natural environments draws parallels to humans doing this in other ways, whether creating boundaries in themselves or with others.

Painting and drawing merge as a natural extension of my thoughts. Materials used often fluctuate through experimentation, most often oil, acrylic, or ink on paper and canvas.

I leave some things undefined in my work, creating an inherent temporality authentic to life experience.